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COMMITS NexGen Fair Opportunity Competitive Procedures 
In accordance with FAR 16.505, the fair opportunity to be considered competitive 
procedures for the COMMITS NexGen program is provided below.  
As an overview, the basic COMMITS NexGen fair opportunity competitive process 
begins when an information technology need is identified.  A performance based (when 
appropriate) Statement of Requirements (SOR), with source selection criteria is 
prepared.  Additionally, the requiring agency and Commerce Information Technology 
Solutions Office (CITS) define the roles and responsibilities of the government parties in 
a task order management plan.  The SOR is offered to the appropriate COMMITS 
NexGen contract holders according to tier to determine if they wish to submit a task 
order proposal.  The requesting activity evaluates the submitted task order proposals, 
and based on an evaluation of the proposal against the previously developed evaluation 
criteria, the delivery order is awarded to the `best value  Contractor.  
In the event, the Department of Commerce delegates ordering authority through this 
vehicle, the ordering agency must abide by the Department of Commerce ordering 
The following process represents general guidelines.  The process for each effort can be 
tailored to fit the needs of the customer.  
Step 1:  
Identify Need 
Identifying the need for information technology solutions is the first step in the 
COMMITS NexGen process.  This task is the responsibility of the requiring 
activity  (the customer).  If an activity recognizes the need for information 
technology solutions, they should first contact the COMMITS program office.  
The program office will provide guidance and instructions on the use of the 
COMMITS NexGen contracts.  The program office will, if needed, assist with 
the development of the full Statement of Requirements, and provide the 
necessary resources to fully describe the technical requirements of the task, 
to ensure successful competition and award of the delivery order.  During this 
step the reimbursable charge to non DOC customers will be discussed.  The 
charge will be tailored to fit the amount of effort the customer requires of the 
CITS office to satisfy their requirement.  
Step 2:  
Address Scope Issues, if any 
This is the responsibility of the CITS office, in conjunction with the COMMITS 
NexGen Contracting Office.  This step is necessary to ensure that the 
anticipated requirements are within the scope of the COMMITS NexGen 
contracts.  While this step is necessary, given the scope of work envisioned 
by the basic contracts, and the solution based structure, it is anticipated that 



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