Attachment J 1 
only requirements that do not in some manner call for information technology 
would be considered outside the scope of the COMMITS NexGen contract. 
Step 3:  
Prepare Statement of Requirement  (SOR), Source Selection Criteria, and 
Task Order Management Plan 
As the title implies, the Statement of Requirements presents the requesting 
activities requirements.  It is this document, along with the source selection 
criteria, that Contractors will use to prepare proposals for evaluation.  The 
SOR is the most important document in the process.  The SOR must fully 
detail the entire requirement, as that will be the primary source of information 
used by the Contractors to prepare their proposals. The SOR should not just 
be limited to technical details: logistics requirements, data deliverables, 
special instructions or conditions should also be described.  For information 
technology services, it is important that the SOR be written as a performance 
based requirement.  Preparation of the SOR and the source selection criteria 
is the responsibility of the requiring activity unless the activity requests the 
CITS office support.  
Following the solution based structure, the COMMITS NexGen contracts 
have no contract pricing.  This gives Contractors the latitude to propose 
various solutions which that they feel will give the best value to the 
Government, at the time of requirement.  Requesting activities are 
encouraged to perform market research in drafting the SOR.  This could 
include seeking and receiving input or suggestions from the COMMITS 
NexGen Contractors as well as other sources.  However, COMMITS NexGen 
Contractors are prohibited from preparing Statements of Requirements. 
Preparation of the Source Selection Criteria will also be accomplished by the 
requiring activity.  These criteria may be different for each SOR, but may 
include Price, Technical Solution, Management Approach, Past Performance 
and/or Small Business Participation.  
In addition to identifying the evaluation criteria, the requesting activity can 
further identify the functional area, and category they wish for the fair 
opportunity competition to take place.  For example, the nature of the 
requirement should identify which functional area would be best to request a 
solution, e.g., Information System Security Support Services.  Within the 
functional area, the requesting activity can further identify the category (i.e., 
small, small disadvantaged, small disadvantaged 8(a), or small women 
owned business) they want the competition to be conducted.  This allows the 
requesting activity to select and receive acquisition credit based on the 
selected category's status.   



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