Attachment J 1 
Finally, the requesting activity with assistance of the CITS office will develop 
a task order management plan.  This plan will identify the specific 
responsibilities of each party in performing contract administration functions.  
The plan will further serve as a statement of work for any efforts to be 
performed by the CITS office. 
Step 4:  
Release Statement of Requirements via Internet 
In keeping with the CITS office's intent to minimize the flow of paper, the 
requiring activity will send the completed SORs and source selection 
evaluation criteria to the CITS office for electronic release to COMMITS 
NexGen Contractors.  The CITS office will use the COMMITS NexGen 
website for release of the SOR, source selection criteria, and other 
instructions to the COMMITS NexGen Contractors.  
Each SOR will be offered to the identified COMMITS NexGen category 
Contractors in accordance with the requirement for fair opportunity to be 
considered as described in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 
16.505(b).  The CITS office cannot direct an award to a specific COMMTS 
NexGen Contractor unless one of four exemptions in FAR 16.505(b)(2) 
applies. These exemptions are:  
1.  The agency's need for such supplies or services is of such urgency 
that providing such an opportunity would result in unacceptable 
2.  Only one such Contractor is capable of providing such supplies or 
services required at the level of quality required because the supplies 
or services ordered are unique or highly specialized.   
3.  The order should be issued on a sole source basis in the interest of 
economy and efficiency as logical follow on to an order already issued 
under the contract, provided that all awardees were given a fair 
opportunity to be considered for the original order.  
4.  Necessary to satisfy a minimum order.  
Step 5:  
Respond to SOR 
After release of the SOR via the Internet, those Contractors interested in 
submitting a proposal will provide detailed proposals in accordance with the 
suspense date provided and await Government evaluation.  



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