Attachment J 1 
In crafting solutions to specific task order requirements, the COMMITS 
NexGen Contractors will have access to the General Services 
Administration's (GSA) Federal Supply Schedules (FSS).  The Government 
will authorize the COMMITS NexGen Contractors to use the FSS contracts to 
take advantage of the significant quantity discounts available to the 
Government.  Small businesses may not be able to match the Government's 
buying power or achieve similar discounts.  It is in the best interest of the 
Government to allow COMMITS NexGen Contractors the opportunity to use 
the FSS contracts for each proposed task order solution.   
Step 6:  
Evaluate Responses to SOR 
Proposal evaluation will be conducted by the requiring activity.  The CITS 
office can assist in the evaluation as necessary.  Each evaluation shall be 
conducted in accordance with the established evaluation criteria.  The 
requiring activity is responsible for selecting the best value Contractor.  An 
evaluation report will be provided to the CITS office with the results of the 
Step 7:  
Award Task Order 
If award authority has been delegated, the requiring activity places the task 
order with the selected Contractors.  Copies of the task order will be provided 
to the CITS office.   
If award authority remains with the COMMITS NexGen contracting officer, the 
requesting activity forwards their appropriate funding document, to the CITS 
office.  Based on the selection decision, the COMMITS NexGen contracting 
officer will award the task order to the successful Contractor.  Successful 
offerors will be notified and arrangements will be made for work to begin.  In 
either case, the funding agency will receive award credit for the category of 
business selected (i.e., small, small disadvantaged, small disadvantaged 
8(a), and small women owned). 
Step 8:  
Execute Task Order 
Unless the agency requests CITS office support, the responsibility for 
managing the delivery order resides with the requiring activity.  The requiring 
activity's responsibilities will be spelled out in the task management plan.  At 
a minimum, the requiring activity will be responsible for completing past 
performance reports which will be sent the Contractor for comment and then 
to the CITS office.  These performance reports will be maintained in a past 
performance database, to be used for future task order evaluations, and 
general reporting requirements.  



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