Attachment J 3 
General:  Pursuant to FAR 52.219 14,  Limitation on Subcontracting,  small businesses receiving task orders 
under a contract awarded on a set aside basis may not subcontract greater than 50% of the cumulative task 
order work.   Although individual tasks orders could exceed the 50% level, the total cumulative efforts of all 
task orders under the contract may not.  The purpose of this form is to require the small business to annually 
report to the Contracting Officer the subcontracting activity on each active task order issued under the contract. 
Reporting Period:  The report covers the period October 1 through September 30.  Include the year in block 5. 
Type of Report:  Because some task orders have multiple year duration, including exercise of options, reports 
may either be annual or total multiple year duration.  In the case of multiple year period of performance, 
complete the report for both situations.  This means submit the report for both the annual activity plus a 
cumulative task order multiple year life cycle basis.  Check the appropriate block under number 5. 
Task Order Identifier:  Include the task order number in block 6. 
Task Order Value:  Include the total estimated task order value including all option periods in block 7.     
Total dollar value for the task order for reporting period:  Include value of funded work for the current reporting 
period in block 8.  This includes just the work authorized by the Contracting Officer via a funded task order or 
task order modifications. 
Total subcontract value for the reporting period:  Include in block 9 
Percent of work subcontracted to small and large businesses:  Include these amounts in blocks 10a and 10b 
Subcategories of subcontracts:  Report subcontracts in the appropriate categories in blocks 11 16.



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