Attachment J 4 
Employee/Contractor Non Disclosure Agreement Form 
A Quotation from USC Title 18, Section 1905: 
 Whoever, being an officer or employee of the United State or of any department or agency thereof, publishes, 
divulges, discloses, or makes known in any manner or to any extent not authorized by law any information 
coming to him in the course of this employment of official duties or by reason of any examination or 
investigation made by, or return, report or record made to or filed with, such department or agency or officer or 
employee thereof, which information concerns or relates to the trade secrets, processes, operation, style of work, 
or source of any income, profits, losses, or expenditures of any person, firm, partnership, corporation or 
association; or permits any income return or copy thereof or any book containing any abstract or particulars 
thereof to be seen or examined by any person except as provided by law; shall be fined not more than $1,000 or 
imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and shall be removed from office or employment.  
I, as a government employee or official Government contractor employee, certify that I will not disclose, 
publish, divulge, release, or make known, in any manner or to any extent, to any individual other than an 
appropriate or authorized Government employee, the content of any procurement sensitive information 
provided during the course of my employment.  I understand that for the purpose of this agreement, 
procurement sensitive information is to include procurement data, contract information, plans, and strategies. 
I hereby certify that I have read the non disclosure agreement described above and I am familiar with the 
directives and policies governing the disclosure of procurement sensitive information.  I will fully and 
completely observe these directives and will not disclose such information to any unauthorized person, or use 
any information obtained for private use or gain. 
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