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What is Web Hosting?
Web hosting is a service that allows users to post Web pages to the Internet. A Web host, or hosting service provider (HSP), is a business that provides ..

How Do I Choose A Good Web Host?
Many times, a consumer will sign-up with the least expensive provider only to experience the inevitable and frustrating experience of changing Web hosts ..

Ensuring Your Host Offers Decent Technical Support
It's the role of any reliable hosting firm to take full responsibility for its hardware, software and operating environment so that webmasters can focus solely upon running their business ..

What is Bandwidth?
What is bandwidth at all? Why does it matter when signing up for a web hosting account?

What is a Data Center?
As the name implies, a data center is usually maintained by an organization for the purpose of handling the data necessary for its operations.

Changing Web Hosts
So, you've decided that your current host doesn't suit your needs and you need to choose a new one. Well, don't worry - it happens all the time. Here are a few tips to help make the move as easy and painless as possible ..

Evaluating Personal Web Site Hosting.
Web hosting for personal sites differs tremendously from hosting for mission-critical e-commerce in that it is not as complex or demanding ..

What is Virtual or Shared Web Hosting?
Virtual Web hosting is the business of housing and serving files for a Web site ..

How Do I Evaluate a Shared Web Host?
Finding a decent virtual or shared Web host can only be achieved by conducting in-depth consumer research and evaluation ..

Considering Security in Shared Hosting Environments
Security, especially in shared and virtual private server Web hosting environments, is of paramount importance ..

Where Can I Find Reputable Web Hosting?
Consumers can find an excellent shared hosting provider by utilizing host directories or by directly soliciting Web hosting firms for comments on their service packages.

What Operating System Should I Use?
Shared or virtual hosting is usually available in two varieties: UNIX and Windows. What is the difference between hosting on these operating systems?

About Virtual Private Servers (VPS)
A virtual private server (VPS) solution utilizes a software platform that permits a hosting vendor to multiplex a single dedicated server into multiple "virtual" machines.

An Introduction to Disk Space
When you buy a Web hosting account, you have to learn how to be a good Web hosting client. Once of the most important jargon keywords they will throw your way is disk space. So what is disk space?

Niche Hosting

Adult Hosting for Non-Adult Sites
Selecting an adult host for your non-adult business is always an advantage, never a liability. This is because premium adult hosting firms specialize in providing the most secure, accessible and manageable hosting solutions ...

Choosing a Host For Your Game Server
Hosting companies have begun to specialize in offering dedicated gaming servers to enthusiasts and businesses alike ..

An Introduction to Specialty Hosts for eBay Images
Many online services are now available that allow customers to upload pictures from their computer, digital camera or scanner directly to a hosting server ..

An Introduction to Specialty Hosts for Blogs
Choosing a specialty host might be a better option for a person looking to host a Web log or blog ..

Dedicated/Managed Servers

Dedicated Solutions Drive Customer Retention
In order to avoid losing customers or revenue because of non-responsiveness, industry participants suggest that sites with ...

What Is Dedicated Web Hosting?
Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from a hosting service provider ..

Choosing a Dedicated Web Server
A good dedicated Web host should provide should provide custom made servers devised for your specific use. You should be able to choose ..

About Managed Hosting
Managed services are dedicated servers equipped with extended support in the form of proprietary control panel technology that enables the inexperienced administrator to easily setup and maintain sites on a server.

How a Web Server Works
It's a good idea to know a little bit about the product or service you are searching for before you begin your quest.

Hardware Balancing Lightens Server Load
Load balancing is especially important for networks where it is difficult to predict the number of requests that will be issued to a server ..

Dual CPUs and Multithreading Help Server Deployments
Many end-users note that dual CPU systems trump single computer processors that can only handle one instruction from one application at any given point in time ..

Using Compression to Enhance Hosting Environments
Compression software uses complex mathematical equations to scan a file for repeating patterns in the data. It replaces the data with smaller codes that take up less room.

Introduction to Blade Servers
Distributed server architectures based upon "blades" are rapidly emerging in the data centers of corporations and Internet service providers.

The Characteristics of a Good Managed Host
A good managed Web hosting provider should have the people, systems and resources that are required to control a complex server environment.

Windows Hosting

Gaining Full Administrative Access to a Windows Dedicated Server
Terminal Server, a plug-in native to Windows 2003 Server deployments, lets consumers deliver Windows-based applications, or the Windows desktop itself, to virtually any computing device.

Database Hosting

Choosing a ColdFusion Host
The ColdFusion development suite includes a server and toolsets designed to integrate databases and Web pages.

Integrating Databases Into Your Web Presence
Both ColdFusion and PHP however are excellent methods for integrating dynamic database content into your Web presence. Find out more about these methods and the hosting requirements of each.

Web Site Management

Introduction to Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft FrontPage 2002 permits consumers to take total control of their Web site, from how it looks and performs, to maintaining and managing its content ..

Considering Control Panels
Control panels act an online interface that allows users to change and update their Web sites ..

Using Site Builders to Quickly Build and Host Web Sites
Web site builders are online tools that allow anyone to build a professional looking Web site and host it instantly ..

Statistical Packages Provide Estimates of Site Usage
Leveraging statistical packages enables Web site operators to obtain estimates of how many users have visited their Web sites ..

Affordable, Effective Web Site Performance Tools for SMEs
Monitoring responsiveness is important if you want to ensure the accessibility and availability of your site, and many online tools are available to evaluate Web site performance.

Flash Server Provides Added Interactivity
Macromedia Flash technology allows animations, forms, and other interactive features to be embedded in Web pages. The software is designed to provide rich Web experiences across multiple platforms.

Search Engine Optimization an Important Traffic Tool
Search engine optimization is the careful placement, wording, and analysis of keywords within a Web site, and even the restructuring of a site itself, in order to improve search engine ranking results.

Choosing the Right Web Control Panel
What is a web control panel? Why does it matter to me when signing up for a web hosting account?

Business Solutions

Building Customer Trust Through Secure E-Commerce
The main ingredient required for building a successful Internet based business is trust. Since your clientele can't meet you face-to-face, you must establish an environment in which your customers feel safe to do business with you.

Hosting Options for IM
Microsoft now offers an IM product entitled Live Communications Server, which provides encrypted, enterprise-grade instant messaging within an organization ..

Buying Marketing Tools from Web Hosts
Many customers take advantage of popular search engine submitter tools that enable them to submit their Web site locations to all the top search engines ..

How Do I Find Reliable Hosting for a SOHO?
Finding quality Web hosting can be challenge, especially for individuals and small-to-medium businesses on a limited budget ..

Choosing Email Outsourcing Services
Outsourcing email allows businesses to reduce capital costs and improve performance, reliability and security ..

Using Offsite Backup Service Providers
If a computer malfunctions, is lost or stolen, becomes infected with a virus, or if a file is mistakenly deleted, backup and restoration services allow for the easy retrieval of the lost or corrupted data with just a few mouse clicks ..

When to Choose an Application Service Provider
ASPs differ from conventional hosting firms since they specialize in electronic distribution of mission-critical business applications.

Designers Build Brand Through Web Development
Overburdened small businesses can get their Web sites built by employing the services of graphics designers. Most progressive graphic design studios specialize in offering strategic print, Web and interactive media design.

Audio/Video Streaming

Introduction to Streaming Media Services
By hosting streaming content with a service provider, businesses both large and small can greatly reduce multimedia investment costs such as hardware, software, and technical expertise ..

About Carrier Technology - A Chart
A chart outlining the various types of carrier technologies and what each is typically used for.

Introduction to Bandwidth
When choosing a host, the amount of bandwidth you choose to purchase can be crucial to the success of your site. Find out how to calculate your requirements and tips on protecting and saving bandwidth.

Inside the Network Operations Center
NOCs are considered major junctions on the information highway, physically routing major amounts of Internet traffic for telecom and broadband providers.

About Server Colocation?
Server co-location is an excellent option for only the most experienced webmaster. The co-location option allows webmasters ...

Glossary of Domain Name Terms
Have questions regarding the domain name terms used? Check out our glossary ..

An Introduction to Domain Names
Simply put, a domain name is a "front" - they are word sequences users enter in their browser’s location bar to visit your site, but are not a Web site's true address ..

The ABCs of Domain Name Appraisals
One business that has emerged out of the buying and selling of domain names is domain name appraising, which is the process of evaluating a domain name and determining its market value ..

An Introduction to Domain Name Management
Although it may seem simple, the way in which you manage your domain name could mean the difference between your site being online or offline ..

Maximizing Your Domain's Potential
Maximizing a domain name's value takes thought, creativity and effort - and it requires selecting a good name in the first place. Here are a few tips to maximizing your domain name's potential ..

Tips and Tricks for Choosing the Right Domain Name
What is a domain name at all? A domain name is the text name corresponding to the numeric IP address of a computer server and associated website on the Internet ..

Understanding Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)
Although .com, .net and .org are typically the most widespread and talked-about domain name extensions, they are not the only fully-functional ones that are available for use. As more words and phrases in the English language becoming snapped up as .com, .net and .org domains, ccTLDs are becoming increasingly popular ..

Selling a Purchased Domain Name
Not every domain name purchased is put to use by the person or company that buys it. Sometimes they are purchased strictly for the purpose of resale; other times, their owner will sell them after finding they don’t have a use for them, or when a third party expresses interest in buying it ..

The Dangers of Trademarks
As Internet usage becomes more widespread, new precedents and laws are emerging to protect trademark holders, though it is still hotly disputed legal territory ..

Reselling Domain Names
If you already operate an Internet-based business, selling domain names is almost a must. Most Web design firms, hosting companies and programming houses offer domain names and domain name management as a value-added service to their offerings ..

How A Domain Name Works
Although the concept of a domain name may seem simple enough – using a sequence of letters and words to identify a Web address – there is a great deal more going on "behind the scenes" ..

Securing Your Site Through SSL
Once you have purchased a domain name and have set up your Web site with a hosting firm, you should consider securing your site – particularly if you intend to conduct e-commerce transactions ..

Domain Name Buying Strategies
Here are some tips to help you shop around for the best deal for you prior to registering. You'll want to make the right choice the first time, as transferring your domain to a new registrar is rarely a pleasant experience.

Selecting a Merchant Account
Shopping for a merchant account is a confusing and difficult process. And, unfortunately, many merchants do themselves not a big favor by going shopping without first understanding what they are really shopping for.

Server Monitoring
Monitoring is a very important part of the web hosting business. We are not talking about monitoring log files or so. What we are talking about is monitoring services and uptime and what to do with the information.

Web Hosting Mistakes
Knowing about the mistakes is one thing – but trying to avoid them will not apply to every situation for every web host. The following list shows a couple of mistakes that I made and also a few mistakes I have seen at other businesses.

Blackhole or Fail? - Setting up Your Mail Server
It is unwise to use catch-all email accounts, and spam sent to nonexistent addresses should be discarded. Spam can easily clog up your SMTP server and consume resources like bandwidth and disk space in mailboxes.

Moving a Site Between Servers With Almost No Downtime
Our quick and easy guide will help you to move your site between servers as quick as possible. This guide has been written for CPanel servers but in general the steps described should work similar on other platforms.

Full Time Job and a Hosting Business - Can it be done?
Not many new entrepreneurs have enough funds to quit their job and start the new business from scratch.

Disaster Recovery Planning
You made sure that the important data is being backed up or that you are using redundant systems to keep everything up and running without risking the loss of data. But how are you protecting your actual business that you are running from your home?

Credit Card Processing - the Basics
Imagine a customer ready to buy your services but then not being able to sign up and pay because there is no payment (credit card) processing in place. Don't let this happen.

IPtables Firewall Basic Introduction
IPtables is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the tables of IP packet filter rules in the Linux kernel. This quick tutorial will teach you the basics about building a firewall by using IPtables.

Buying or Selling a Web Hosting Business
Here are a few consideration and recommendations about how to determine what a web hosting business is worth and what people are willing to pay for clients.

How to Fire an Employee
Employees who consistently break the rules, do not perform the functions of their job, or cause difficulties for your business can be a strain on the work environment, your cash flow, and even disrupt your business from thriving and performing as expected.

How to Compete with the Big Guns
Many small business startups fail within the first 2 years of existence. There are several different factors reason for the failure. One reason many entrepreneurs often under estimate the need to find a niche market and to serve it well.

Upgrade To APACHE 2.0 Web Server
This quick tutorial will show you how to upgrade your existing Apache installation to the latest version (2.2.0 as the time of writing this tutorial).

The Web Hosting Competition
What kind of companies are out there? What is your competition like if you are a web host? What to look for, if you are a customer looking for a web host?

Server Build Standards
For a web hosting business the servers are pretty much the foundation of the business from a technical standpoint. If the servers go down the impact for the business can be severe.

Server Hardware Strategy
At one point you will have to decide what kind of server hardware you would like to go with and what specifications to offer your clients. You want 2 CPU's, at least 1 GB of memory and off you go, right? Well, hold on.

What Web Hosting Customers Want
Compared to many other businesses, the Web hosting industry is still in its youth, but already we've seen dramatic changes in the attitudes and priorities of customers.

Introduction to the Reseller Model
The options most usually made available to resellers include "volume discount" reselling, discount per domain, affiliate and private label reselling. Learn more about each.

About Web Hosting Reseller Plans & Options
When it comes to choosing a program type, resellers are faced with a lot of options. Here is a list of some of the more popular types of Web hosting reseller programs, and the benefits of each.

Introduction to Reselling Web Hosting
What is reselling, and how do I get involved? This step-by-step guide will tell you what you need to know before you get started and show you how to take your Web hosting business to the next level.

How to Thrive Reselling Web Hosting
Three fundamental tenets of good business must be observed in order to create a thriving Web hosting company.

The Role of the Web Hosting Reseller
Resellers have emerged as "middle men" in today's Web hosting industry by extending the revenues and reach of higher-tier Web hosts while operating their own efficient businesses as the same time.

Criteria for Evaluating a Host
Not all Web hosts are created equal. Web hosting resellers should therefore investigate the features of each reseller program they are considering very carefully; choosing a program that's not right for you can set your business back considerably.

Scalable Hosting is a Top Priority
Choosing a scalable hosting program that can grow with your business should be a top priority. A scalable program will not only improve your service offerings, but will help you manage growth as well.

How Resellers Ensure Quality of Service
Quality of service can often be the only differentiator between hosting companies in today's competitive environment. Resellers should ensure they are providing the best services possible through Service Level Agreements with their provider.

Selecting Web Site Building Tools for Your Clients
Web site building tools enable novice users to build and manage customized, professional Web sites easily and affordably.

The Cost of Establishing a Reseller Operation
While reselling typically involves offering the services of a major hosting provider, there are still startup costs involved. Offering hosting services on a reseller basis is still a business, and should be treated as such.

A Web Hosting Reseller's Fundamental Requirements
Although Web hosting is a rapidly growing marketplace, there are a number of essential elements that resellers must consider if they plan to capitalize on it. Resellers must be fully aware of the challenges involved in running a hosting business.

How to Author Customer Service Agreements
Customer service agreements set ground rules applicable to a reseller's clientele, and are an absolute must in order to protect both the customer and the company. Here are a number of considerations to take in to account when authoring one.

Keys to Managing Your Reseller Business
In many respects, managing a Web hosting reseller operation is like operating one's own business: a sound exit strategy, an understanding of legal obligations and full knowledge of basic business principles are still required.

Reducing Customer Support Costs
Technical support is expensive to provide. However, because it is so important to a successful hosting firm, most resellers encourage technical support through inexpensive channels.

How to Implement Billing Solutions
Due to the advantages that a merchant commerce and payment services gateway provides, resellers should opt to use a turnkey e-commerce solutions in order to effectively implement their billing solutions.

The Importance of An SLA
Service Level Agreements are an absolute must for Web hosts that are serious about success. SLAs lay the groundwork for the company-customer relationship, and allow Web hosts to measure their own performance.

How to Evaluate SLA Compliance
Resellers that have purchased Web hosting services under the protection of a Service Level Agreement will obviously want to know if the provisions of the SLA are being met. Here's how to make sure you find out.

How to Provide Order Processing Services
Many Web hosting customers often look for the option to sell products and services when choosing a Web host. For this reason, resellers must ensure they can offer a wide range of processing services to their clients.

Providing Advanced Web Hosting Services
Resellers can benefit by reselling advanced services such as vpn's, cdn's and firewalls to larger organizations in their capacity as an IT consultant.

Increasing Your Margins
Web host resellers can increase their margins by employing intelligent business tactics that lower their overall taxes.

Outsourcing Your Customer Support
Utilizing customer support outsourcing services allows a reseller to provide tech support without the headaches or capital expense of developing, staffing and maintaining an internal help desk.



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